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Looks Great dude =) just saw that you used my track. If you liked it I've got a similar one called showdown that you could check out. Pretty solid animation, proud to be a tiny part of it!

goldnerz responds:

Thanks for the music!

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Congrats on front page! Great use of stereo space.

I could totally see this on like the Crypt of the Necrodancer soundtrack. It's definitely worth finishing!

SAMFISH responds:

yeah thanks :D
I'll see... it was kinda just a 30 minute side project I did with my free time :)

i REALLY liked it once it hit the drop. The beginning felt a little lacking. Perhaps a little too much of that supersaw synth, maybe a few more effects that add depth like reverb or stereo effects.

I really dig it though.

Pandasticality responds:

yeah the intro was a bit too long :x could've made it a bit shorter so it wouldnt keep people waiting for the drop, thanks for the tips and the review.

- Pandasticality

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My overall impression is that I enjoy it. I can't help but to see Leela from Futurama which is more than a little bit distracting. My other issue is with the "ear-headed king's" right hand. I like the left hand position of the cyclops. The wrist is in the wrong place, the hand is held in an unnatural position, it is very subtly unsettling. I also like her chest. She looks like she's starving or some sort of undead. Very creepy. As far as technical issues go, the ear was by far the most difficult and well done aspect of this piece. It's warm skin tones contrast nicely with the cyclops girl and the ear itself is drawn very well. I would rate this higher, but the Leela thing combined with the king's right hand really distract me from enjoying the piece as much as I could.Thanks for the art! -Cimba

PAL1234567891 responds:

Thank you for the in depth insight. You are perfectly right about the king's right hand, I myself got frustrated about it as well. I usually work quite fast, controlled by emotions so if it turns out like this or that I don't really try to change it.

About the Leela thing... I'm not sure if she was inspired by this character or not. I don't think so, but now that you noticed me, I see the similarities. :D

I'm not sure why this is rated so low my friend. It's beautiful. It makes me think.

PAL1234567891 responds:

Thank you very much. I kinda think maybe it's because there are too many layers on the artwork. It makes it a little bit chaotic. :/


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